Each character starts with a single stress box and one mild, moderate, and severe consequence slot in each track except Wealth, which is handled differently. A score in the linked skill will grant additional stress boxes at +1 & +2 skill ranks, and an additional mild consequence slot at +5.

The tracks are:
Durability – Linked to Physique.
Lucidity – Linked to Will.
Reputation – Linked to Networking.
Wealth – Linked to Resources.

Straightforward ability to soak physical damage. Stress boxes and minor consequences clear at the end of a conflict scene, when you have a chance to catch your breath. Except in the most desperate of circumstances, most people will have access to a healing vat which can rebuild a morph from a vial of cells to completely whole in about three days. This means that dying is merely inconvenient so long as there’s someone who cares enough to find you and bring back your cortical stack and a tissue sample. Without a healing vat, medical care provided by a sapient is your best bet for hastening recovery. A morph with a hive of medichines installed in it can simply wait out the healing period with minimal assistance – so long as they can survive it. If you happen to resleeve out of a morph suffering from physical consequences, those consequences stay with it.

Your composure and sanity. All that stands between you and becoming a gibbering husk of an NPC. Stress boxes and minor consequences clear at the end of a conflict scene, when you have a chance to calm down. Moderate and severe consequences take therapy (which your Muse can provide, given the appropriate skill training) or psychosurgery (a Medicine specialization) to even begin to heal, and are roughly analogous to temporary derangements in baseline EP. If you take an extreme consequence in order to save some of your mind, well, that replaces one of your permanent aspects. It changes who you are and should be played appropriately.

This represents your general social standing, and can hold both positive and negative aspects. Stress boxes and mild consequences clear every two or three days of game time as your 15 minutes of fame (or infamy) are replaced in the public mind by more recent events. Moderate consequences clear at minor milestones, and significant consequences clear at the end of a story arc. This is solely a function of (narrative) time, as your recent deeds push older ones into the past. If you specialize in a particular Rep network (F-net, @-list, etc.), you gain an additional consequence track (but not stress boxes) for that network which respond to events of particular interest. If your Reputation takes a hit beyond your ability to absorb in stress and consequences, the event goes well and truly viral on the social network(s) and you have no ability to guide or moderate how it all falls out. (In a memetic smear campaign, that’s the attacker’s goal. But it can also happen with positive events, leaving you with a public image that’s nigh-impossible to live up to.) Since Rep is tied to an identity, it’s much less fungible than Wealth – and if your alternate identity is good enough, much more escapable than Lucidity.

In the Old Economy such as prevails in the corporate-controlled regions of Mars, this represents everything from a person or organizations’ credits on hand all the way through non-liquid assets such as morph(s) and real estate. In Anarchist habitats, this represents the pool of matter that all citizens own in common. As such, it will only tend to come up for them in habitat-scale engineering projects. In transitional and mixed economies, as can be found on Luna and Extropia, physical ownership of anything in particular can often be handwaved for someone with high Rep and the right connections (aspects or use of Networking) to make use of it. Reflecting the unequal distribution of resources in Martian society, there are neither stress boxes nor consequences for wealth, but significant expenditure of resources will generate aspects that can be used as story hooks. If you end up Deep In Debt, you may find agents of your creditors sniffing around. If you were forced to sell something of great sentimental value (or, for that matter, if it was stolen or destroyed), the Feeling of Loss may come back to haunt you. And so on.


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