In the Eclipse Phase universe, death is just a bit different. Thanks to ego bridge & cortical stack technology, the vast majority of transhumanity can be restored from backup one way or another. If you concede or are taken out in a physical contest, the death or destruction of your morph is a possibility. Unless your character is friendless & destitute, we’re going to assume that you have appropriate insurance and/or adequate Rep to get your morph repaired, rebuilt, or replaced.

Hibernation & Ego “Cold Storage”
An injured morph placed into medical hibernation, people who escaped the dying Earth by egocast but haven’t yet been reinstantiated from archive, and anyone choosing unconsciousness over extended isolation also risks loss of continuity, as the world moves on without them.

After regaining consciousness, you’ll need to make a will test for Continuity.

  • Success means that you handle the loss of continuity well enough. No stress.
  • Success with style? You’re jazzed to be back in action. Gain a ‘sticky’ positive aspect of this sort that you can tag once.
  • Failure inflicts Lucidity stress equal to the number of shifts by which you failed.
  • Failure by more than 3 shifts inflicts a ‘sticky’ negative aspect related to your loss of continuity that lasts until used by the GM, and Lucidity stress equal to the number of shifts by which you failed.

[A table of factors influencing check difficulty is forthcoming.]


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