Gustave Provanco

Provanco is a powerfully-built man with a military bearing that not even the destruction of the nation he once served nor the decade of civilian life since has managed to wear out of him. He’s allowed a bit of grey to show in his brown hair, but his face is unlined and clean-shaven. At 5’9", he’s wide rather than tall, and moves with the subtle grace of a trained hand-to-hand fighter. His clothing is neat and well-tailored, with the kind of attention to detail that comes from decades of regular dress inspections. He avoids the ostentatious display of most “new money” families, allowing only a plain gold wedding band as ornamentation. He appears to be unarmed, but that might not be a wise thing to assume.

Although he could afford any morph he wanted out of what amounts to pocket change, Provanco is rumored to still be using his original body.

In public, Gustave Provanco is a former Russian military intelligence officer, and now the owner of a chain of resort habitats. To those in the know, he’s a high-placed member of the Russian mafia and one of the most successful arms dealers on Mars.

Known family:
• Irina – Spouse.
• Agrafina – Elder daughter.
• Vasily – Only son.
• Sashura – Younger daughter.

Gustave Provanco

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