Vincent Carter

Academic Archivist and Craftsman


Fate Points: 4/4
Refresh: (5 – 1) = 4

High Concept: Academic Archivist and Craftsman
Faction: Titanian Commonwealth (Background: Original Space Colonist)
Trouble: No Free Speech on Mars

Phases: See below.
1. Remembering What We Forgot
2. Not Everything’s Online
3. Secrets on Ice

+4: (1) Hardware [Archaeoelectronics]
+3: (2) Investigation, Will
+2: (3) Infosec, Persuasion, Ranged Combat
+1: (4) Alertness, Medicine, Networking, Software

Knowledge: (Academics, Languages, Interests, Hobbies, and so on.)
Native Language: English
+4: (1) Academics [Archaeology]
+3: (2) Language [Danish], Profession [Archivist]
+2: (3) Academics [Linguistics], Craft [Gunsmithing], Interest [Handmade goods]
+1: (4) Academics [General], Art [Photography, XP recording*], Interest [Music], Language [Mandarin]

*extra specialty point spent
+3 points for (additional) specializations. These points can be spent during play.

Ego Stunts:
1. Eidetic Memory – Memory is crystal-clear & perfect, but still follows what you were paying attention to at the time. (If you appear to have forgotten an important plot point that your character would know, the GM will remind you.)
2. Hardened [Isolation] – You no longer take mental stress from one specific source. (“Screaming Introvert”.)
3. Information Control – By intent or accident, you leave a relatively small social networking footprint. Learning about your activities & whereabouts by your datasphere interactions is two shifts more difficult.

• Durability: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Lucidity: [¯][¯][¯], Consequences:
• Reputation: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Wealth:

Descriptor Aspect: Plurality PolySci (nicknamed ‘Agrippa’)
Lucidity: Stress: [¯], Consequences:
Muse Skills:
+3: Profession [Psychology]
+2: Profession [Accounting], Software, Infosec
+1: Alertness, Interest [Titanian politics], Hardware [Electronics], Profession [Law]

Morph Details
Descriptor: Hazer (modified)
Physique: +1, +2 to resist harm
Aptitude: Coordination 1 – Ignore 1 negative die on rolls related to manual dexterity, fine motor control, or balance.
Aptitude: Stubbornness 1 – Ignore 1 negative die on rolls related to holding your own, commanding your own destiny, or just being sheer bloody-minded stubborn.
• Temperature Tolerance (Enhanced Cold)
• Low Pressure Tolerance (comes with direct ports for supplemental oxygen hookups)
• Sensor Suite (enhanced vision & radiation sense)
Purchased/added mods:
• Eelware – +2 to melee combat when using an unarmed attack. (Or a ready source of DC power for small devices.)
• Cymberlimb, Basic – Functionally the same as a biological one, but graphite-colored. Replaces the one sliced off by a crazed pod during The Fall.
• Wrist-Mounted Tools (Integrated into above cyberlimb) – Negate penalties for lacking hand tools when dealing with mechanical parts, opening locks, disarming alarm systems, performing first aid, etc.
• Bioweave Armor (light) – Implanted silk subdermal armor. Provides minor armor that stacks with worn without changing the appearance, texture, or sensitivity of the morph’s skin. Installed en route to Mars. +1 on Physique rolls to resist harm.


Who You Were Early On: A student who escaped pre-Fall Canadian food riots for the cramped claustrophobic confines of a fusion-engined ship and hopping habs eventually to Titan. One of the few belongings he was able to take with him was a Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin that he later turned into a nostalgia medallion post-Fall. [Linked Aspect: Remembering What We Forgot]

The Moment That Crystallized You: Freezing to death after an early atmo failure in an outbuilding on Aarhus, Titan, staring at the methane sea and the cold orange sky.

The Fall: The Mesh going utterly dead, wallscreens and projectors going blue, and every mild-mannered academic with a cyberbrain becoming a violent maniac. Where there’s a connection out, there’s always a connection back in. [Linked Aspect: Not Everything’s Online]

Crossing Paths: Sometimes, trips are less data and more for money, rep, and pleasure. Shortly after taking the slow scum barge to Mars, Vincent found word of a dive bar with old curios that played music on actual vinyl. “The Railway Stopyard” had overlooked framed repros prints of the old iron-railed trains that few of the moshing crowd even noticed. The music wasn’t bad, the next iteration on the “heavy metal” music that had been on-and-off again popular since the late 20th century. Then he noticed that the turntable wasn’t just a laser turntable but cased in redwood. Extinct-as-Earth sequoia. One post-show trip to see this musical holy grail, and Vincent found himself hungover in a trashed hab sleeping next to a red-haired Fury girl whom he vaguely remembered…Krasnyy, was it? The downside, it took watching his own XP-cast to find out what happened the night before. The upside, the rep across multiple audiences was worth it.

Crossing Paths: The Titan Quarantine Zone is something of a post-Fall Pripyat, with things left as they were. And for all the Titan-spawned horrors that made the news blogs, there were dozens of refugee camps from people who fled Earth to the Red Planet before the TITANs followed suit. And with it, dozens of chances to find and record pre-Fall artifacts, books, and records. Vincent met Khalil, the out-of-place cat-eared Exalt amongst the Rusters and Barsoomian Zone Stalkers who dared the area, and she managed to procure them two guardian nanos. That trip got him a few personal effects, a pair of old Ectos, and a yellowed paperback book of a title otherwise lost to time and data loss. Who knows what else Mars is hiding? [Linked Aspect: Secrets on Ice]

Vincent Carter

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