Mars is full of dreams. The indentured dream of freedom, and bodies to call their own. The Movement dreams of an autonomous Mars, no longer burdened by hypercorp governance. The Preservers dream of rust-red wilderness, in all its unforgiving beauty. The hyperelites dream of a world remade in their image. The bizarre creatures in the TITAN Quarantine Zone might also dream, and if they do, it’s surely of a future that would horrify transhumans everywhere.

All of these dreams and more swirl just under the surface of any Martian settlement.

What is your dream? And how far will you go to achieve it?

This site exists to support a playtest of one possible transplant of the Eclipse Phase setting to the FATE system. As such, it’s mostly a crunch zone. Gameplay will be play by post on the Paizo forums.

Crunchy Bits:
Character Creation: Testy McTestalot
Skills List
Morph Examples
Forking & Merging
Stunt Examples

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GM’s note: I’m doing this for my own amusement and that of my players. I owe considerable credit to the people who’ve been working on this idea over at the Eclipse Phase forums, and am as happy to share as they have been. If you like something in the way the rules are put together here, by all means adopt it for yourself. And maybe PM me so I can cheer you on.

Mars Dreaming

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