Mathar min Rabikh


Fate Points: 5/5

Refresh: (5 – 0) = 5

High Concept: Nomad Freedom Fighter
Faction: Barsoomian
Trouble: Hunted By the Establishment

Phases: See below.
1. AGI Sympathizer
2. Infected

+4: (1) Survival (Mars)
+3: (2) Stealth, Pilot (Groundcraft)
+2: (3) Kinesics, Investigate, Will
+1: (4) Networking

Knowledge: (Academics, Languages, Interests, Hobbies, and so on.)
Native Language: Arabic
+4: (1) Interest (Martian Politics)
+3: (2) Interest (Dirtbike Racing), Academics (History)
+2: (3) Language (English)
+1: (4) Profession (Lab Tech)

+3 points for (additional) specializations. These points can be spent during play.

Ego Stunts:
1. Grok (Ψ-χ) – Make an Investigation check to understand how to use an unfamiliar technology, no matter how alien. This does not tell you anything about how it works, just how to use it for its intended purpose. Information about what it does may be ambiguous if not clear from the devices’ construction.
2. Xenoempathy (Ψ-χ) – Make a Kinesics check to gain an intuitive understanding of any non-human, non-terrestrial biological organism. Success grants insight into the target’s motivations, needs, and mental/emotional state (if sapient) or the target’s ecological niche, instinctual drives, and likely behavioral responses (if non-sapient).

• Durability: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Lucidity: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Reputation: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Wealth:

Descriptor Aspect:
Lucidity: Stress: [¯], Consequences:
Muse Skills:
+3: Profession (Psychology)
+2: Profession (Accounting), Software, Infosec
+1: Alertness, Hardware (Electronics), +2

Morph Details
Descriptor: Ruster
Physique: +1
Aptitude: TBD
Aspect: Made For Mars
Aspect: Genehacked
• Basic MarsMods package (Enhanced Respiration (Mars), Temperature Tolerance)


5 Phases:
• Phase one: Who you were early on.
• Phase two: The moment that crystallized you.
• Phase three: The Fall.
• Phases four & five: Crossing paths with other PCs.
(Note that this is a suggestion, and the order of #2-5 can be shuffled to fit your story if necessary.)

Afterward: make three cool aspects from all that stuff, which could include how you’re involved in someone else’s Phases rather than just your own.

Mathar min Rabikh

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