Quirky child of privilege who is the ultimate black sheep ever.


Fate Points: 4/4

Refresh: (5 – 1) = 4

High Concept: Troubled Troubling Troublemaker
Faction: Barsoomian
Trouble: Someone Wants My Stack

Phases: See below.
1. Wrench Wench
2. Rust Convocation Vigilante

+4: (1) Investigation
+3: (2) InfoSec, Stealth
+2: (3) Alertness, Deception, Hardware (Security)
+1: (4) Networking, Hardware (Electronics, Environmental/Life Support), Athletics

Knowledge: (Academics, Languages, Interests, Hobbies, and so on.)
Native Language: English
+4: (1) Academics (Security Ops)
+3: (2) Profession (Electrician), Language (Mandarin)
+2: (3) Academics (Habitat Engineering), Profession (Handyman), Interest (TITANS and AI’s)
+1: (4) Language (Arabic), Interest: (Counterculture), Academics (Sociology), Hobby (Retro Culture & Fashion)

+3 points for (additional) specializations. These points can be spent during play.

Ego Stunts:
1. Epiphany – At cost of a Fate Point, you may roll Investigate (or situational equivalent) against a difficulty level of your choice. Success grants you a sudden realization about the topic of your investigation, the scope of which is proportionate to the roll result.
2. Information Control – By intent or accident, you leave a relatively small social networking footprint. Learning about your activities & whereabouts by your datasphere interactions is two shifts more difficult
3. Danger sense – You have a knack for spotting threats that’s downright uncanny. Your Notice checks are never impaired by darkness, noise, or distractions when trying to spot hostile actions.

• Durability: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Lucidity: [¯], Consequences:
• Reputation: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Wealth:

Descriptor Aspect: Djinni Janni
Lucidity: Stress: [¯], Consequences:
Muse Skills:
+3: Profession (Psychology)
+2: Profession (Accounting), Software, Infosec
+1: Alertness, Hardware (Electronics), Persuasion, Art (Music)

Morph Details
Descriptor: Tricked-Out Exalt
Physique: +1
Aptitude: Cognitive – Ignore 1 negative die on rolls for cognitively demanding tasks.
Aptitude: Infiltration – Ignore 1 negative die on rolls involving getting places you’re not supposed to go & being someone you’re not.
• Basic MarsMods package (Enhanced Respiration (Mars), Temperature Tolerance)
• Adrenaline Boost
• Chameleon Skin
• Mnemonic Augmentation
• Sensor Suite (vision, hearing)


5 Phases:
• Phase one: Who you were early on.
• Phase two: The moment that crystallized you.
• Phase three: The Fall.
• Phases four & five: Crossing paths with other PCs.
(Note that this is a suggestion, and the order of #2-5 can be shuffled to fit your story if necessary.)

Afterward: make three cool aspects from all that stuff, which could include how you’re involved in someone else’s Phases rather than just your own.


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