Dante Jager

Seeker in places light and dark.


Fate Points: 3/4

Refresh: (5 – 1) = 4

High Concept: Questing Dreamworld Resident
Faction: Extropian
Trouble: Where’s My Original?

Phases: See below.
1. Dain Bramage
2. Beloved of the Virus
3. I Am Not A Monster
4. Just Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

+4: (1) Will
+3: (2) Alertness, Kinesics
+2: (3) Infosec, Investigation, Resources
+1: (4) Athletics, Medicine(Psychosurgery), Networking, Persuasion

Knowledge: (Academics, Languages, Interests, Hobbies, and so on.)
Native Language: English
+4: (1) Interest (Lost Generation)
+3: (2) Academics (Nanotech), Academics (Sociology)
+2: (3) Art (Appreciation), Interest (TITANs),
+1: (4)

+3 points for (additional) specializations. These points can be spent during play.

Ego Stunts:
1. Empathy (Ψ-χ) – +2 to Kinesics checks to read another biomorph, or +1 vs. ’pods.
2. Psychic Stab (Ψ-γ) – Spend a Fate Point (per scene) to be able to make an opposed Will check as an attack roll. Success deals either Durability or Lucidity stress to the target, at your discretion. (Requires: neither party is wearing a synthmorph. Egos in ’pods receive +1 to resist.) Optionally, you may increase the severity of the stress inflicted at cost of durability stress to yourself.
3. Memory Manipulation (Ψ-γ) – Spend a Fate Point to read and/or manipulate the memories of another person. (Requires: neither party is wearing a synthmorph, opposed Will test. Egos in ’pods receive +2 to resist.)

• Durability: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Lucidity: [¯][¯][¯], Consequences:
• Reputation: [¯][¯], Consequences:
• Wealth:

Descriptor Aspect: F3L1X the cat-herder
Lucidity: Stress: [¯], Consequences:
Muse Skills:
+3: Profession (Psychology)
+2: Profession (Accounting), Software, Infosec
+1: Alertness, Hardware (Electronics), +2

Morph Details
Descriptor: Menton (Customized)
Physique: +1
Aptitude: Cognition 2 – Ignore 2 negative dice on rolls for cognitively demanding tasks.
• Basic MarsMods package (Enhanced Respiration (Mars), Temperature Tolerance)
• Hyper-Linguist – Always able to communicate even if they do not share a common language with the target.
• Math Boost – Mathematics is intuitive for you. +2 bonus to checks involving mathematical reasoning, projections/simulations, and calculations which you perform yourself.
• Mnemonic Augmentation – Everything you experience is recorded, regardless of whether you were paying attention to it at the time. (Includes thoughts & internal state.)
• Endocrine Control – +1 vs. effects of hunger, fatigue, fear, & emotional manipulation. +1 to Deception attempts when lying.
PSI Chameleon – Attempts to locate you by PSI sleights are one step more difficult.
PSI Defense I – +1 to resist active sleights.


5 Phases:
• Phase one: Who you were early on.
• Phase two: The moment that crystallized you.
• Phase three: The Fall.
• Phases four & five: Crossing paths with other PCs.
(Note that this is a suggestion, and the order of #2-5 can be shuffled to fit your story if necessary.)

Afterward: make three cool aspects from all that stuff, which could include how you’re involved in someone else’s Phases rather than just your own.

Dante Jager

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