Mars Dreaming

Crossing Paths II

We do all know eachother, right? Right?

18:08:29 * Alex Putnam was invited by Jssra
18:08:34 * Alex Putnam joins MarsDreaming
18:08:43 ‹Jssra› Heya.
18:13:16 ‹Alex Putnam› And back. Wanna see my prototype Dungeon World character sheets? :O
18:13:48 ‹Jssra› Sure. :)
18:16:32 ‹Alex Putnam› and
18:18:10 ‹Alex Putnam› Anyways. Character buildy bits.
18:18:51 ‹Alex Putnam› Looks like the Google Docs “chars” hasn’t been updated. :-k
18:19:15 ‹Jssra› Nice. The multi-line stuff is getting cut off at the bottom, though, most noticable under the “race” section.
18:19:42 ‹Alex Putnam› Totally depends on what program you’re using and how you have it set.
18:19:55 ‹Jssra› Excel, nothing special.
18:19:57 ‹Alex Putnam› Hence the PDF as well.
18:20:20 ‹Jssra› Ah! I didn’t notice the difference in file extension.
18:21:10 ‹Jssra› Khalil’s sheet is up on OP, and I think Seeker wanted to put his up on the messageboards first.
18:21:32 ‹Alex Putnam› Have links handy?
18:22:39 ‹Jssra›
18:23:04 ‹Jssra›
18:23:40 ‹Jssra› (Khalil’s may be under present editing; I’m talking with her player elsewindow.)
18:24:45 ‹Alex Putnam› Ah, ‘kay. See everything BUT the phases on Obsidian Portal.
18:26:54 * Alex Putnam pokes David.
18:27:07 ‹Jssra› Okie.
18:28:34 ‹Jssra› I’d appreciate it if everyone would use Khalil’s sheet as a style guide; I tweaked the formatting until it was easy to read.
18:29:00 ‹Alex Putnam› Sure. So, we have Krasnyy, Khalil, and…?
18:29:51 ‹Jssra› Oladon’s as-yet-unnamed character, which she assures me will be done by Monday.
18:30:35 ‹Alex Putnam› And David is who again?
18:30:46 ‹Jssra› The flexbot mecha.
18:30:47 ‹Alex Putnam› And does Oladon have a concept to go with the lack of name?
18:31:17 ‹Jssra› Yes. “Young Barsoomian Freedom-Fighter”.
18:31:20 ‹Alex Putnam› Which is also not currently statted or concepted out? :-k
18:32:01 ‹Jssra› Correct. If David actually intends to join, I figure it will be late, because I’m not going to wait for him.
18:32:29 ‹Alex Putnam› Ah. Okay. Brain is starting to grok the big picture now.
18:32:43 ‹Jssra› Cool.
18:35:31 ‹Alex Putnam› Suggestions for crossing paths?
18:36:37 ‹Jssra› Khalil does both high and low society with her own particular flair.
18:38:32 ‹Jssra› (IIRC, she’s planning to wear synthetic-‘live’ ears and tail when not in high-society contexts, anime-neko style.)
18:41:36 ‹Alex Putnam› And she appears to be closer to a traditional hacker/cracker?
18:43:04 ‹Alex Putnam› brb, :noms:
18:45:04 ‹Jssra› Pretty much, yeah. Her day job is engineering-related, but she’s got involved with the vigilante group that does extra monitoring of the TQZ, and that’s demanded she learn quite a bit in the way of nontraditional “engineering” skills.
19:03:24 ‹Alex Putnam› Back.
19:03:53 ‹Jssra› Rehi.
19:05:06 ‹Alex Putnam› So, perhaps they bumped into each other while Vincent was looking for a pre-Fall artifact of suspected-TQZ origin?
19:05:43 ‹Jssra› Playsible.
19:05:48 ‹Jssra› Plausible.
19:06:58 ‹Alex Putnam› More plausible suggestions?
19:07:52 ‹Jssra› Let me see if I can get Kendra in here. :)
19:10:23 * Strangess joins marsdreaming
19:10:46 ‹Jssra› Hihi.
19:11:47 ‹Jssra› There are some /damned/ strange artifacts to come out of the TQZ, I should note.
19:11:52 ‹Strangess› yips and catches up on the backscroll
19:12:01 ‹Strangess› oh Khalil certainly loves that part of it :)
19:12:06 ‹Strangess› even when they’re terrifying
19:12:24 ‹Jssra› That’s one of the reasons people keep trying to smuggle stuff across the border.
19:12:25 ‹Strangess› kitties are easily bored
19:14:17 ‹Strangess› Khalil has the borderline recklessness of someone raggedly clinging to the anti-nihlist path and needing adrenaline as a stopgap against bleak futility :)
19:14:56 ‹Jssra› (Of the ‘TITAN human-genestock experiments in stasis’ going around, there’s public knowledge of the Lamb Baby and the Porous Conjoined. They’ve changed hands for truly obscene amounts of money.)
19:15:59 ‹Strangess› (money is just toilet paper if you don’t use it for stuff you really CARE about :) )
19:16:18 ‹Strangess› (people are sitting on a lot of toilet paper since I think Mars has a somewhat MMO’ish economy for the rich)
19:16:38 ‹Jssra› (If they’re ever removed from stasis, it’s unclear whether they’d be viable. But rather probable that they’d be highly dangerous, given TITAN tech.)
19:16:46 ‹Strangess› (I mean in terms of both noncurrency social capital and literal hard assets)
19:16:58 ‹Jssra› (Ha! Yes, more or less.)
19:17:35 ‹Strangess› (Everyone lives in both need and dread of the next expansion, since yes,it will curb boredom, but yes, it may mean utter extinction)
19:17:58 ‹Jssra› I’m tempted to try and draw the Porous Conjoined, as an exercise in body horror.
19:18:26 ‹Alex Putnam› (Why are we talking with parentheses? Are they like [brackets]? Do they build character?) :P
19:18:34 ‹Strangess› Think of it as someone’s experiment with making those “parrot” glyphs >_> 3D…
19:18:56 ‹Strangess› (oh I’m just noting these are tangents since i"m not sure what the main conversation topic is)
19:18:59 ‹Jssra› Strangess and I tend to have threaded conversations.
19:19:12 ‹Jssra› With multiple threads going concurrently.
19:19:40 ‹Alex Putnam› I normally do that without notations. Anyway, I’m attempting to figure out Vincent’s crossing paths bits so I can move on to the stunts and aspects and things.
19:22:03 ‹Alex Putnam› Or would it be possible to skip to the latter for better use of Jssratime?
19:23:13 ‹Strangess› well, conceptually my character does two things to articulate her endless ferreting/mystery seeking: she hides/sneaks and she hacks/tinkers.
19:23:15 ‹Jssra› Either or. I’m on a night schedule (for some approximation of the term) lately.
19:23:55 ‹Strangess› She’s aloof but open to engagement by anyone of reasonable probity and even sometimes unreasonable probity if they’re interesting enough.
19:24:29 ‹Alex Putnam› Vincent certainly does the latter, but more out of an appreciation of the handmade and for what things tinkering can allow access to.
19:24:49 ‹Strangess› her motto is “Happiness is playing with fire once you’ve learned how convection and combustion work”
19:25:45 ‹Strangess› (nods) with Khalil tinkering and engineering is more her attempt to connect to a side of life that is neglected in current civilization. almost a religious discipline in a way o_O
19:25:53 ‹Strangess› albeit in the Discordian church :)
19:26:34 ‹Strangess› what sort of shared goal or struggle would you like to connect our chars through?
19:27:22 ‹Alex Putnam› Crafting/Tinkering? Pursuit of things lost?
19:28:47 ‹Strangess› okay. are there any technologies we lost in the crash, or do you mean something esoteric like figuring out the Roman formula for concrete?
19:29:10 ‹Jssra› The idea of tracking down an artifact of TQZ origin sounds like a good first meeting. Khalil would want to determine whether it was safe enough to allow to circulate, and Vincent would want to record everything about it.
19:29:11 ‹Strangess› or that weird dye the Mayans used at the one sacrificial pool at Chichen Itza which we still can’t duplicate even though it’s pretty as anything?
19:29:13 ‹Alex Putnam› Mathematician’s yes. :P
19:30:14 ‹Strangess› (nods) the key part in playing with fire is its no fun if you get burned, though you have to accept some chance of a miscalculation or you can’t do it in the first place
19:30:27 ‹Alex Putnam› Jssra: Would there be mundane objects leftover in the TQZ-area in a sort of Pripyat sort of way?
19:31:05 ‹Jssra› Alex Putnam: Yep, plenty. Whether they remain mundane is the question of the day. :)
19:31:52 ‹Alex Putnam› Then those would be the things Vincent would likely be most interested in, moreso than the “Titan-changed horrors that make the news blogs”
19:32:34 ‹Jssra› Particularly, there were refugee camps for people who fled Earth after the Fall began, but before the TITAN attack on Mars.
19:32:52 ‹Strangess› Hrm? the fact these items are of uncertain state now they’ve been in the Forbidden Zone so long you mean?
19:33:01 ‹Jssra› A couple of cities that pre-date the Fall, too.
19:33:11 ‹Jssra› Strangess: Yes.
19:34:02 ‹Strangess› Yah, she’d be down with investigating that sort of thing. the size of the ? around stuff in the zone would be a big plus for her.
19:35:02 ‹Jssra› (Either or both of you will probably want a guardian nano-hive if you’re messing with anything to be come out of the TQZ. They’re rentable for ostensibly mundane purposes, but also not terribly expensive to buy outright.)
19:36:23 ‹Alex Putnam› What would you call the aspect drawn from such a crossing?
19:37:53 ‹Strangess› What is the root of Vincent’s enjoyment of this type of mystery?
19:40:04 ‹Alex Putnam› [Linked Aspect: Remembering What We Forgot] | [Linked Aspect: Not Everything’s Online]
19:40:54 ‹Jssra› Vincent was Canadian, yes?
19:40:59 ‹Alex Putnam› A deeply rooted antiquarianism of the futility of forgetting the past, and in some cases, rejection the short-sighted, instant-gratification mindset of the post-Fall meshed-in generation.
19:41:07 ‹Alex Putnam› Originally, yes.
19:42:32 ‹Alex Putnam› Those are the two/three Aspects I have down currently.
19:42:40 ‹Strangess› I’d say the second is a solid link. The first one…a shade off for Khalil’s part. For her, more like Wrestling With The Boundaries of Ignorance
19:42:49 ‹Jssra› How about “Secrets On Ice” (what with even Mars’ equatorial zone being tundra still)?
19:43:09 ‹Alex Putnam› I like it. :D
19:43:27 ‹Strangess› That’ll do. its more specific, but Khalil’s invested a lot in being ready to grapple with them.
19:43:32 ‹Jssra› Cool.
19:43:58 ‹Jssra› (In general, more specific wording of aspects is better. It gives them more depth.)
19:45:23 ‹Jssra› (The example set from the CRB is “Knight” vs. “Knight of the Chalice” vs. “Renegade Knight of the Chalice”.)
19:45:46 ‹Alex Putnam› Mmhmm.
19:46:31 ‹Strangess› Khalil appreciates the value of learning from history but its not a key drive with her because she’s too pessimistic about the likelihood of humans getting through crises even WITH the cliff notes.
19:47:35 ‹Jssra› Crossing Paths aspects don’t have to be reciprocal, fortunately.
19:47:39 ‹Strangess› to her the key is less the wisdom than the resolve and discipline and discernment to make hard choices successfully and pay the costs upfront (instead of making someone else pay)
19:48:55 ‹Jssra› Does that “someone else” include her own future-self?
19:49:53 ‹Strangess› well, that’s obviously one of the most tempting types of involuntarily allocated costs because future you can’t punch you in the jaw for egregious inequity :)
19:50:14 ‹Jssra› Hehe!
19:50:45 ‹Strangess› she’s not a fan of kicking cans down the road, though she’s learned from the blackmail episodes sometimes that’s all you can do and future self will have to suck it o_o
19:51:05 ‹Jssra› “I will punch myself so hard that my backups will feel it!” ;)
19:51:28 ‹Strangess› but its certainly best to have blinking neon post its about “btw, IOReality for Past Me’s crisis”
19:51:55 * Alex Putnam digs out his Fate Core rulebook out of his laptop bag, where it was left after his business trip.
19:51:57 ‹Alex Putnam› Thar we go.
19:53:15 ‹Strangess› ((as a total aside, I remember the one spate of videotape someone had from Pripyat the night Chernobyl blew…and the little annotation to the video “those flashes of light on the film mean anyone taking this video got a lethal dose”
19:53:17 ‹Strangess› ))
19:54:03 ‹Strangess› ((tragedy, paying for your society’s flaws))
19:55:26 ‹Jssra› ((If you can see Cherenkov Blue in air rather than water, then you are so screwed. Hopefully none of us will ever need that data.))
19:57:28 ‹Jssra› ((I’ve seen the color in water, firsthand, when I toured a nuclear power plant. Very pretty.))
19:58:08 ‹Alex Putnam› Yup. It’s basically a sonic boom, for light instead of sound. :)
19:58:45 ‹Jssra› Best description. :D
19:58:48 ‹Strangess› ((“the colour of doom” well at least it’s blue. I like blue :) if it has to be the hue of my incipient death the only one I’d rather is some shades of purple :) ))
20:04:07 ‹Alex Putnam› The Crossing Paths bit is too long to post in chat, so
20:06:38 ‹Jssra› Rock on.
20:06:58 ‹Jssra› Also, I totally forgot that document existed.
20:07:04 ‹Alex Putnam› :P
20:08:38 * Jssra doesn’t trust the “cloud”. Working at a data center taught her that it really is ephemeral.
20:09:00 ‹Alex Putnam› Yup. Hence why I’m typing on my compy and copying it to that only to share it.
20:19:08 ‹Alex Putnam› What’s the time for first-person sensory recording in EP?
20:19:11 ‹Alex Putnam› term
20:19:28 ‹Jssra› XP-cast.
20:21:48 ‹Jssra› Got any stunts in mind, yet?
20:21:52 ‹Alex Putnam› And second (first?) Crossing Paths done. :woot:
20:22:01 ‹Alex Putnam› I’m open for suggestions.
20:22:10 ‹Alex Putnam› Ego or otherwise?
20:22:56 ‹Strangess› hrm. well we have two muscle. maybe some social skills? mine are a bit limited.
20:23:07 ‹Jssra› Your morph is going to have Temperature Tolerance (Improved Cold) if you’ve been hanging out on Titan.
20:23:11 ‹Strangess› Khalil’s too >_>
20:23:57 ‹Jssra› The MarsMod package is just Temperature Tolerance & Enhanced Respiration (Mars), actually.
20:25:06 ‹Alex Putnam› Jssra: Yeah, after reading things and after he lost his original morph, Vincent is likely using a slightly-tweaked Hazer.
20:26:03 ‹Jssra› Okie.
20:26:35 ‹Jssra› Incidentally, Krasnyy is sleeved into a Fury for his Mars-related work.
20:27:17 ‹Jssra› (Recent change.)
20:28:12 ‹Alex Putnam› Recent change as in-character change or retcon to what was on the GoogleDoc doc?
20:29:24 ‹Jssra› Retcon. Seeker decided that the boss-man had enough resources to give him something specialized.
20:33:55 ‹Alex Putnam› How do you markup underlines on Obsidian Portal?
20:34:10 ‹Jssra› +Stuff+
20:34:39 ‹Alex Putnam› Thanks.
20:35:14 ‹Jssra› No problem.
20:37:32 ‹Alex Putnam› Is ‘Notice’ still a Skill? It’s listed on the Muse section?
20:37:49 ‹Jssra› Whoops, sorry. That should be Alertness.
20:41:51 ‹Alex Putnam› Right, as discussed earlier, first ego stunt is Eidetic Memory.
20:42:34 ‹Jssra› Okie.
20:42:57 * Jssra updates the example character sheet.
20:43:42 ‹Alex Putnam› Suggestions on the other two Ego stunts… maybe Hardened[isolation] and Information Control?
20:45:23 ‹Jssra› Hmm. Why would he be hardened against isolation?
20:46:08 ‹Alex Putnam› Screaming introvert who doesn’t mind spending time in abandoned places?
20:46:35 ‹Alex Putnam› He’d appreciate the ‘corpses of civilization’ rather than being unsettled by them.
20:47:12 ‹Jssra› Ah, cool.
20:47:46 ‹Alex Putnam› Information Control because that’s how he rolls. He’s well aware from his job and training that any connection out always means the possibility for a connection in.
20:48:17 ‹Alex Putnam› See also Not Everything’s Online. :P
20:48:25 ‹Jssra› Yup.
20:49:29 ‹Alex Putnam› What’s next? Stress, or morph/morph stunts? :-k
20:50:04 ‹Jssra› Your Ego stunts look good, although you’re not necessarily limited to the example set.
20:50:28 ‹Alex Putnam› Well, I’m having trouble coming up with things better, unless you have more appropo examples.
20:50:44 ‹Alex Putnam› Also, the campaign front page and the main wiki page.don’t correspond as far as links.
20:51:05 ‹Jssra› Ehwhoops.
20:55:39 ‹Jssra› Maybe something tied to Hardware (Archaeoelectronics) for serious feats of technological reconstruction? :)
20:56:33 ‹Alex Putnam› So, are Ego stunts those that penalize your refresh for picking more than three? Or does the choice of morph affect it as well?
20:57:20 ‹Jssra› I’m treating morph features as purely story-based, for now. If there’s narrative justification, you’ve got it.
20:59:30 ‹Alex Putnam› Right, so how I convert the Hazer morph to campaign spec? :P
20:59:40 ‹Alex Putnam› For what I have thus far.
21:00:21 ‹Jssra› In Vincent’s case, all that time he spent on the Scum barge would have given him plenty of time to get fixed up to his hearts’ content. ;)
21:02:00 ‹Alex Putnam› True, but not what I was asking. :-k
21:02:43 ‹Jssra› I’m pulling up Rimward as we speak.
21:02:47 ‹Alex Putnam›
21:09:37 ‹Jssra› Hazer stunts: Temperature Tolerance (Enh. Cold), Low Pressure Tolerance (since the atmosphere on Titan isn’t all that dense; typically comes with direct ports for supplemental oxygen hookups), Sensor Suite (incorporates both enhanced vision & radiation sense).
21:09:47 ‹Jssra› Physique: +1
21:10:17 ‹Jssra› Aptitude: Pick two at L1.
21:14:56 ‹Jssra› Vincent would have three options for walking around outside on Mars: One is just an oxygen concetrator, like ordinary people use. (Trivial cost, ubiquitous availability.) Another is to carry the supplemental oxygen tanks and rely on them. (Recharge is trivial, but not quite so commonly available.) Or, third, pick up Enhanced Resp. (Mars).
21:15:20 * Strangess was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)
21:19:30 ‹Alex Putnam› And where do the Respirocytes come in?
21:20:45 ‹Jssra› Abstracted into Low Pressure Tolerance.
21:21:44 ‹Alex Putnam› Where are the aptitudes explained?
21:22:18 ‹Jssra› (‘cause without them, it’d be really easy to get altitude sickness.)
21:22:38 ‹Jssra› Aptitudes are at the top of the Morph Examples page.
21:22:53 ‹Jssra› No list, but they’re meant to be broader than skills.
21:23:16 ‹Alex Putnam› >_< I was hoping for a list.
21:23:27 ‹Jssra› Ah, hmm.
21:24:58 ‹Jssra› So, what an aptitude does is allow you to ignore a number of (-) dice equal to its level. It represents the morphs’ instincts, more or less.
21:25:28 ‹Alex Putnam› So, what would examples of appropriate aptitudes be for a Titanian? :-k
21:26:12 ‹Jssra› So, for example, someone sleeved into a Bouncer just isn’t going to make the kind of basic free-fall mistakes that someone in a Splicer might be vulnerable to.
21:27:52 ‹Jssra› (Ones I’ve used on the example morphs: Cognition, Body, Social, Pilot, Warfare, Awareness, Infiltration, Reflexes.)
21:29:34 ‹Jssra› I might give a Hulder the aptitudes Body & Cold. Not sure about a Hazer. :-k
21:31:54 * Rathendar joins MarsDreaming
21:32:45 ‹Jssra› Hi Rathendar. You might also be interested in the first group conversation, which is up on the adventure log:
21:33:09 ‹Rathendar› ok!
21:33:13 ‹Alex Putnam› There were go! Forgot the Transhuman player’s guide book thing. :P
21:33:19 ‹Rathendar› and hi alex! i asked permission first!
21:33:31 ‹Alex Putnam› For?
21:33:51 ‹Jssra› Alex Putnam: What did you find?
21:34:08 ‹Rathendar› if people have a separate chat tab, its rude to just join/crash it unannounced IMO
21:34:15 ‹Alex Putnam› An example Hazer statted up under the EC rules.
21:34:33 ‹Jssra› Ah, cool.
21:34:54 ‹Alex Putnam› “Titanian Programmer-Archaeologist” #-o
21:35:10 ‹Jssra› :lol:
21:38:41 ‹Alex Putnam› In EC terms, Hazers have built-in advantages to +5 COO, +5 WIL. That is, COOrdination and WILlpower. :-k
21:38:46 ‹Jssra› FYI, this conversation will also be going up on the adventure log when we decide we’re done.
21:39:38 ‹Jssra› Aptitude: Stubbornness? ;)
21:41:28 ‹Jssra› (I might personally phrase it as “sheer bloody-minded stubbornness”, having seen something like that in action. ;) )
21:41:51 ‹Alex Putnam› “Aptitude Coordination 1 – Ignore 1 negative die on rolls related to manual dexterity, fine motor control, or balance.”?
21:43:39 ‹Jssra› Sounds good to me.
21:45:02 ‹Alex Putnam› Okay, determining stress threshholds?
21:46:08 ‹Jssra› Yep.
21:47:45 ‹Jssra› Durability: 2, Lucidity: 3, Reputation: 2. Wealth: N/A because it’s a bucket for aspects.
21:53:17 ‹Rathendar› is alex an android?
21:53:28 ‹Rathendar› (finally got read up to the bottom/current)
21:53:59 ‹Jssra› Nah, a heavily modified biomorph.
21:55:36 ‹Rathendar› gotcha
22:00:35 ‹Alex Putnam› And Fate/Refresh?
22:02:37 ‹Jssra› You start with 5 points of Refresh and spend one on each Ego stunt after the 2nd. The remainder, you get as Fate Points.
22:03:40 ‹Jssra› What’s Vincent’s muse like?
22:04:28 ‹Alex Putnam›
22:05:02 ‹Alex Putnam› Political scientist. Takes care of the political mesh-Tweeting so he doesn’t have to.
22:05:21 ‹Rathendar› haha, stubborn bastich
22:05:34 ‹Alex Putnam› Sheet should be mostly done. @_@
22:05:43 ‹Alex Putnam› Rathendar: Blame the GM’s suggestion. :P
22:06:13 ‹Jssra› Given that the muse is half NPC, how do you want me to play it?
22:06:38 ‹Alex Putnam› Ugh, sheet found turned a +1 into all the underlining ever. @_@
22:07:29 * Jssra checks the markup on Khalil’s sheet. She fixed that somehow…
22:08:13 ‹Alex Putnam› Yeah, there’s an exclude markup in case you actually want to use +'s.
22:08:41 ‹Jssra› I didn’t use it – remind me what that is?
22:09:22 ‹Alex Putnam› I can’t remember. That’s why I’m grumbling. >_<
22:10:05 ‹Alex Putnam› Here we go: “You can escape a section of text in Textile by surrounding it with ==”
22:11:30 ‹Jssra› Aha! Good to know.
22:12:05 ‹Alex Putnam› Right, fixed. Hit refresh and such.
22:12:38 ‹Jssra› One thing, though: There isn’t any ‘armor’ as such in this game. It’s abstracted away into your Physique score.
22:13:52 ‹Alex Putnam› I’ll leave you to adjust the crunch on those last three mods, then.
22:13:56 ‹Alex Putnam› I need to hit the hay. @_@
22:14:24 ‹Jssra› Okie.It’s a relatively minor adjustment.
22:14:30 ‹Jssra› Sleep well. :)
22:14:43 ‹Alex Putnam› Is there a spot on the Paizo fora for the campaign yet?
22:14:54 ‹Rathendar› its been an interesting skim/read , thanks for letting me peek
22:15:02 ‹Jssra›
22:15:56 ‹Alex Putnam› Bookmarked. Poke me when we’re due to start. :)
22:15:59 ‹Jssra› Rathendar: No problem. (We may also have lost a player, since he’s gone non-responsive. So if you’re interested in joining, let me know.)
22:16:04 ‹Jssra› Shall do!
22:16:58 ‹Rathendar› a kind offer, i will consider it. not sure how high i could commit to tho, work has a satellite launch window on june 12th which could put me into mandatory overtime (60+ hour weeks) through august
22:17:16 ‹Jssra› Ew.
22:17:24 ‹Alex Putnam› SPAAACCCEEEE! :omgomg:
22:17:49 ‹Jssra› Expected posting rate is 2-3x/week. It’s fun when things are going faster, but everyone’s got lives to live.
22:18:26 ‹Alex Putnam› :gninja:
22:18:44 ‹Rathendar› hmm, that’s slow/maybe in my range
22:19:07 * Alex Putnam was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)
22:20:23 ‹Jssra› (I initially had a mistaken notion that we could’ve started playing around May 15th. I had neglected to consider the end-of-semester deadline pileup. _ )
22:20:41 ‹Rathendar› heheheheh
22:20:55 ‹Rathendar› ah yes. desire and reality. so different =/
22:21:03 ‹Jssra› Yup.
22:21:11 ‹Jssra› In general, I consider 3 active players to be a quorum for keeping things moving.
22:21:16 ‹Rathendar› do you have a general premise?
22:21:42 ‹Jssra› Are you familiar with the Eclipse Phase setting?
22:22:05 ‹Rathendar› peripherally. (not very)
22:22:33 ‹Jssra› The sourcebooks are free under creative commons. I can link if you want. :)
22:23:19 ‹Rathendar› hm. sure. please do
22:25:09 ‹Jssra›
22:28:04 ‹Rathendar› got it, thank you. starting a casual perusal
22:28:32 ‹Rathendar› i think this will be useful for me regardless ;) i am groundworking a Star Hero game (hero system)
22:29:00 ‹Jssra› Excellent. :)
22:29:03 ‹Jssra› But, basically, the defining event of the game world is the Fall. had built tactical/strategy AI’s with the capacity to self-modify + sufficient hardware resources to make it worthwhile. When turned on, they staged a hard takeoff singularity in the course of a few days (having grabbed massive off-site computational power to do so with).
22:30:33 ‹Rathendar› ok
22:30:42 ‹Jssra› And then, for reasons as yet unknown, they turned on humanity. Forcibly uploaded as many people as they could get robotic hands on, and made a good solid stab at killing the rest. – And then vanished to nobody-knows-where.
22:31:40 ‹Rathendar› is this simply deep ‘hard science’ sci fi? or does it have Lovecrafty also? (i could be thinking different game)
22:31:55 ‹Jssra› It’s been ten years, and all dates are now reckoned After Fall (AF). Humanity is still pretty shell-shocked. And everybody is paranoid that wherever the TITAN superintelligences went, they might come back.
22:32:44 ‹Jssra› If you probe too deeply at the underpinnings of reality (or build an async/psychic character), it can get Lovecraftian very quickly.
22:33:50 ‹Rathendar› aha, then it is the one i thought. ok
22:34:01 ‹Rathendar› it feels like a deeper progressed shadowrun in a way
22:35:07 ‹Jssra› How so? I’ve never played Shadowrun.
22:35:24 * Strangess joins MarsDreaming
22:35:33 ‹Jssra› Hihi.
22:36:56 ‹Rathendar› just underpinings. threads. behind the scenes cracks.
22:37:25 ‹Rathendar› shadowrun is closer to cyberpunk with corp intrigue, and this looks a bit more..ghost-in-the-shell
22:37:35 ‹Strangess› Alex Putnam: I vote of going with the convention from my friend’s epic middle earth campaign: if you’re not here for a round of updates, your character turns into a gem until they’re present again >_>
22:37:38 ‹Jssra› nods
22:37:51 ‹Strangess› oops that was not addressed to Alex
22:37:53 ‹Jssra› Rathendar: Strangess once summed up the concept of the campaign as "We’re the cast of Northern Exposure trying to pull off the Cuban Revolution? o_O " I had to laugh and admit that was appropriate.
22:38:01 ‹Rathendar› there was a world shake event, countries fractured, etc
22:38:08 ‹Rathendar› LOL
22:38:49 ‹Strangess› I was thinking of how she stressed how parochial and behind the times Mars is. made me think of Texas and Alaska :)
22:39:50 ‹Jssra› Oh, right. The Fall left Earth an interdicted no-man’s land full of autonomous war machines. It is Lost.
22:39:55 ‹Rathendar› good evening to you, strangess. i don’t think we’ve met
22:40:10 ‹Rathendar› lost earth, ok
22:40:39 ‹Strangess› No, I don’t think we have. All of Jssra’s friends have colorful lives though, I’m fairly sure you’re the only one who’s involved in launching satellites (it sounded like you meant that in a literal space science context)
22:41:05 ‹Strangess› so I’m very confident we haven’t met :) hai
22:41:17 ‹Rathendar› pft, we’re not friends. i don’t wanna drag her social circle lower!
22:41:35 ‹Rathendar› but yes, i work at a satellite company
22:41:41 ‹Rathendar› (orbcomm)
22:41:55 ‹Jssra› No organization will admit to funding the interdiction of Earth, and widespread suspicion is that it’s because all of them (at least, sunwards of the asteroid belt) are footing some portion of the bill.
22:42:37 ‹Strangess› It’s almost sweet seeing the oligarchs and revolutionaries of the solar system put aside their differences to agree that Earth needs a quarantine like that >_>
22:42:43 ‹Strangess› how touching, tink
22:42:54 ‹Jssra› Rathendar: “Friendly acquaintance” is the most distant I’ll allow you to claim. ;)
22:43:06 ‹Rathendar› Jssra: okay, FINE
22:43:09 ‹Rathendar› hehe
22:43:15 ‹Jssra› :lol:
22:43:24 ‹Rathendar› you don’t even know my name!
22:43:32 ‹Jssra› So what?
22:43:40 ‹Rathendar› never met meh!
22:43:50 ‹Rathendar› etc etc. naw, you win. we be friends
22:44:00 ‹Jssra› Hehe. Glad to hear it.
22:44:29 ‹Jssra› (And for the record, there are a good few of my friends I’ve met in person who are strictly pseudonymous.)
22:44:46 ‹Strangess› everything’s in our heads. I feel a thrill of quasi religious ecstasy hearing a hymn to Fluttershy of my little pony someone composed, when I’m sure both Fluttershy and YHVH are useful fictions o_O
22:44:57 ‹Rathendar› naw, i can understand that easily. i have a few i consider damn close i have never met in person
22:45:05 ‹Jssra› :)
22:45:19 ‹Strangess› physical interaction is a worthwhile type of sharing but not the only one :)
22:47:13 ‹Strangess› if your handle indicates Scandanavian descent I must applaud the appropriateness of your career choice :)
22:47:23 ‹Jssra› As far as the arc of Mars Dreaming, I can forsee a range of medium-term outcomes from “Stability For Now”, to “Open Rebellion”, to “Holy Shit, [redacted]!”
22:47:40 ‹Rathendar› bail, bail!
22:47:46 ‹Strangess› (grins at Jssra)
22:48:14 ‹Jssra› We have two revolutionaries in the party. It may just be a matter of time. ;)
22:48:20 ‹Strangess› Khalil will be happy with any of those outcomes even if she’s privately rooting for redacted :)
22:48:57 ‹Jssra› “Happy”, right. ;)
22:50:14 ‹Jssra› Khalil couldn’t put Djinni Janni (her muse) back in the bottle. [Redacted] is nothing like so friendly. ;)
22:51:04 ‹Rathendar› tsk tsk
22:51:58 ‹Strangess› Well, you’re never so alive as when you’re going all out to avoid being killed, and fighting threats like redacted is either hopeless, so might as well pull out the parasol for the anvils from the sky, or will involve net ops, which she’s as good as anyone at
22:52:14 ‹Jssra› Hehe.
22:52:35 ‹Strangess› …its easy to advocate a life of life or death struggle if you happen to be so good at it that it would take a fluke to kill you >_>
22:52:57 ‹Strangess› she at least has the sense of humour not to be too annoyed if something finds a weakspot and ganks her with it.
22:53:27 ‹Strangess› she’d just hope she could post a posthumous entry to her blog about it somehow .
22:53:47 ‹Jssra› If her stack is recoverable, she could.
22:54:23 ‹Rathendar› intro stories are decent setting immersers
22:54:27 ‹Strangess› is there any way to set it up so she could send off a dying transmission to the net to post if somehow it’s not ? >_>
22:54:32 ‹Strangess› cool last words are very important :)
22:54:43 ‹Jssra› Yes.
22:54:53 ‹Strangess› (okay, I confess, the only way I can defuse my rabid paranoia in cyberpunk settings is to treat this like a Paranoia campaign)
22:55:13 ‹Rathendar› the computer is your friend, citizen
22:55:20 ‹Jssra› Rathendar: The game’s starting premise is that someone unnamed wants to hire you-all (through a middleman, Jhonen Smythe: to steal an item of hypercorp property while it’s in transit.
22:55:44 ‹Rathendar› hah. it IS shadowrun
22:55:47 ‹Jssra› Strangess: You have plenty of clones, Citizen. Do you doubt Friend Computer?
22:56:50 ‹Jssra› (In EP terms, you have insurance.)
22:57:15 ‹Strangess› I do not, nor do I doubt my ability to run through them quickly in the service of Alpha Complex :)
22:58:11 ‹Jssra› Rathendar: I will admit that I lifted the appearance of the opening scenario wholesale. Whether it’s actually like it seems… the PCs will find out, eventually. ;)
22:58:16 ‹Jssra› Strangess: :rofl:
22:59:55 ‹Rathendar› did you? thats perfectly acceptable even
23:00:44 ‹Rathendar› i’ll finish the pdf skim, and eyeball the obsid site
23:00:45 ‹Strangess› I am agog at the potential for surprises in this setting and am presuming since this is something we’re doing for fun (rather than whatever reasons people play Kult) that we will have a chance to make meaningful reactions to these O_O and o_o moments.
23:01:23 ‹Strangess› so my whole participiation is a touching leap of faith o_O I am not someone who could DM this setting.
23:01:47 ‹Rathendar› some people have a knack for certain tropes.
23:02:08 ‹Jssra› The Martian metropoli are somewhat Shadowrun-like in their own way. The Planetary Consortium is the official government, its board members are elected by hypercorp boards, and the hypercorporate boards-of-directors are elected by the owners of voting shares. So it’s basically a veneer of a Republic over the reality of an oligarchy.
23:02:46 ‹Rathendar› dystopia.
23:03:18 ‹Jssra› You could say that. But in Eclipse Phase style, it’s a colorful one.
23:03:45 ‹Strangess› it’s really much like modern day America that way .
23:04:12 ‹Rathendar› are you familiar with the manga/anime ghost in the shell?
23:04:14 ‹Jssra› Also, the Consortium may have a plurality of the population directly under their thumb, but it controls only 1-2% of the actual land area of Mars.
23:04:39 ‹Jssra› I am not.
23:05:39 ‹Rathendar› IF you have free time/interest , its a scifi setting. using a lot of future science stuff. cybernetics have replaced flesh for the majority of humanity, some people are full conversion, being abrain map in a robot
23:05:59 ‹Jssra› Huh, cool.
23:06:02 ‹Rathendar› it covers an interesting perspective of what makes one human,
23:06:04 ‹Strangess› hrm. there’s some similarities, if you skew the proportion of squalor to opulence a bit, and modify the lowest squalor can go to I think.
23:06:20 ‹Rathendar› a ‘ghost’ effectively refers to a persons soul
23:06:41 ‹Jssra› That does sound interesting.
23:06:42 ‹Strangess› they don’t ripple the consequences of these tech advances enough, imo, but it is a very solid story and the big ideas each arc are the high points of hte ripples they have
23:06:48 ‹Strangess› which are quite interesting
23:07:07 ‹Strangess› a little action heavy, but that’s a common thing with anime.
23:07:28 ‹Strangess› had a few amazingly touching moments though. good what measure is a human stuff.
23:07:57 ‹Strangess› that’s the show with that awesome theme music I showed you :)
23:08:00 ‹Rathendar› it had a movie, anda sequal, 1st movie was neat) then it did a serialised series. 2 arcs, the first was very…thought provoking. and it could have useful ideas for …elements you want to develop
23:08:03 ‹Strangess› from the Russian
23:09:04 ‹Rathendar› anyways, i think it might be enjoyable/relevent
23:09:05 ‹Strangess› yah. its got manga too, online somewhere so you could read it eventually if you ever have the spare time/novelty pursuing energy to spare
23:09:08 ‹Strangess› its quite popular.
23:09:20 ‹Rathendar› i’d suggest movie1 then series one (the laughing man incident)
23:09:36 * Jssra makes note.
23:09:36 ‹Strangess› the first movie was the first serious anime I saw to really impress me. and yes, I’d concur.
23:09:41 ‹Rathendar› That Said, i apologise for the sidetrack
23:10:03 ‹Jssra› No problem. :)
23:10:25 ‹Jssra› Got any questions about the game?
23:10:44 ‹Rathendar› i’d need to read deeper before any pieces would click/trigger questions
23:10:54 ‹Rathendar› it’ll take me a bit
23:11:07 ‹Rathendar› i’m committed to playtime with the girlfriend here in a few
23:11:16 ‹Rathendar› so won’t be deep til mon-tues
23:11:48 ‹Jssra› Okie. I’ve got a deadline on Tuesday, so we certainly won’t be starting before then.
23:11:57 ‹Rathendar› heh heh
23:12:10 ‹Strangess› good seeing you.
23:12:41 ‹Rathendar› nice to meet you btw.

[Trimmed for long discussion of anime.]

23:26:05 ‹Rathendar› anyways, girlfriend calls. i be off
23:26:14 ‹Jssra› Hasta! :)
23:26:14 ‹Strangess› (nods) till later :)
23:26:26 ‹Rathendar› see you two tomorro wif you are around! and thanks for the chat/invite Jssra
23:27:08 * Rathendar was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)
23:28:16 ‹Jssra› :dance2: Progress!



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